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Zamp v.3

Zamp v.3 Two Channel Zone Amplifier

The Zamp v.3 - Fully Discrete 45W x 2 Amplifier continues Parasound's proven amplifier design to give you stellar reliability, amazing sound quality, and plenty of power, all in a small package. Whether you use it as a zone amplifier or the centerpiece of a mini-component system, this full featured amplifier will exceed your expections.


Ztuner v.2

Ztuner v.2 Zone Tuner

The Ztuner - FM/AM Tuner receives even the most remote stations clean and clear without taking up much space. Whether you are using one Ztuner or up to four, a single remote is all you need. For a mini system or the most elaborate home theater system, the Ztuner is the perfect choice.



Zpre2 Two Channel Zone Preamplifier

The Zpre2 two channel preamplifier , with 4 Audio & Video inputs with 2-way RS-232 control is the second generation of one of the world's most popular and proven preamplifiers. It has been designed for a wide variety of applications, including multi-room, multi-zone installations, desktop audio, PC-Mac audio, bedroom or den systems. The versatility of the Zpre2 allows many connection and configuration options.



Zbreeze Cooling Fan

The Zbreeze - Cooling Fan is designed to prevent stagnant hot air around nearby heat-producing components, drawing hot air away from a heat-producing component, and into the rack's general circulating air. It is not intended to exhaust hot air from an entire rack or compartment full of equipment and should not be employed as a substitute for general rack or cabinet forced air circulation. Temperatures can increase to dangerous levels around closely-spaced components where local pockets of stagnant hot air are not exhausted by the overall air circulation in an equipment rack or compartment.



Zphono Phone Preamplifier

Missing a phono input in your audio system? Well, take those LPs out of storage, the Zphono is here! This elegantly simple and affordable component allows your turntable to be used with any preamplifier or receiver with sound quality that does full justice to your record collection. Long live vinyl!


Zphono USB

Zphono USB Phone Preamp with USB

The Parasound Zphono USB is a high-quality MM/MC preamp with an A-D converter and USB output for digital transfer to a PC or Mac. Its unique USB clipping indicator and gain control assure the highest quality with any recording software. You can defeat its RIAA EQ if you prefer software-based EQ. Its rumble filter and stereo/mono select will extract the best sound from every LP in your collection. Two line inputs enable easy recording of line level sources, too.



Zcd CD Player + MP3

The Zcd is an ultra-compact CD player that also plays MP3s from a CD-R or a USB flash drive. Its analog volume control enables you to combine the Zcd with our Zamp v.3 power amplifier for a truly high end compact stereo system without a separate preamp. Its composite video output lets you view and select MP3 files. For ease of integration the Zcd has simultaneous fixed and variable level analog outputs plus a line level stereo input jack for an MP3 player or smartphone.



Zselect Five-Pair Speaker Selector

With the Zselect you can switch up to five pairs of speakers on and off from a single stereo source with advanced protection for your speakers and amplifiers. Small, easily integrated, and backed by Parasound's reputation for reliability and build quality, it is the obvious choice for multi-room sound.